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ICF Master in Creative Coaching

Who’s it for?

Nominated employees of organisations, individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to improve personal and business performance and skills. This course is also ideal for individuals considering a career in coaching.


No previous coaching experience is necessary, but each applicant will be offered an exploratory, informal interview to establish motivations, objectives and ultimately overall suitability and eligibility.


The course comprises two levels - ICF Level 1 (Foundation) and ICF Level 2 (Advanced)

148 hours

148 hours of training and mentoring (120 hours of live classroom sessions)

Delivered by
experienced trainers

All training and mentoring is delivered by our own experienced trainers, who are highly qualified with either MCC (Master Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials.


ICF Level 1 (Foundation) 7 x 8 hour sessions Option 1 Option 2
ICF Level 2 (Advanced) 8 x 8 hour sessions From To From To
Italian language Level 1 24 May 2024 5 Jul 2024 17 Jan 2025 4 Apr 2025
Level 2 27 Sep 2024 22 Nov 2024 9 May 2025 10 Oct 2025
English language Level 1 25 Oct 2024 24 Jan 2025 4 Apr 2025 20 Jun 2025
Level 2 14 Feb 2025 6 Jun 2025 19 Sep 2025 16 Jan 2026

Course Content

Foundation (Level 1)
70 hours (56 hours live classroom sessions)

  • Coaching mindset, guidelines and ethics
  • Establishing a coaching agreement
  • Co-create value in the relationship – trust, active listening and the art of asking questions
  • Direct communication
  • Create awareness, facilitate learning, creative coaching
  • Examination.


  • Coaching practice
  • 10 hours of mentoring
  • Research activities on specific topics
  • 1:2:1 individual coaching.

Advanced (Level 2)
78 hours (64 hours live classroom sessions)

  • Creative coaching mindset and cognitive skills for coaching.
  • Affective skills for coaching.
  • Collective creative coaching – team coaching.
  • Collective creative coaching – group coaching.
  • Enhance awareness & group dynamics.
  • Ignite the creative spark – creative purpose.
  • Effective presence.
  • Examination.

What to expect?

  • Weekly live online video training – classroom style
  • One to one mentoring from a dedicated trainer to support skills development
  • Individual and group activities.
  • Coaching practice with 'clients.'
  • Research work on a specific topic.
  • Periods of self-study.
  • Continuous supervision and feedback throughout.
  • An examination at the end of each level.

We provide all of the necessary resources (books, videos, online content) needed to complete the course.


Level 1 (Foundation):
Certificate of attendance will be issued after passing the scheduled exam.

Level 2 (Advanced):
Certificate of attendance will be issued after passing the scheduled exam.

If all requirements are met at the end of Level 2, participants can choose to apply to the ICF for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.